The remarkable story of one man's rise from up and coming rapper and street Hustler to one of the most dynamic and influential black leaders in modern America. The assassination of Truth takes us deep into the personal life of this heroic leader and gives us a clear picture of the man behind the headlines. Watch as the conflict and drama unfolds, and learn the innermost thought and emotions of one of our most beloved black leaders. The Assassination of Truth is an inspirational story of hope strength and determination.

After a nearly fatal shooting at a local night club, events begin to unfold that will transform the life of young Chase Truman from an aspiring rapper and street hustler, to a major recording artist living the dream of wealth and success. But behind the bright lights the flashy clothes and women, there is a deeper dangerous underworld, a secrets society that remains unseen by the public at large. After being exposed to this secret lifestyle, young Chase begins down a road of leadership and self sacrifice that could only have one ending.