Hello everybody, thanks for checking out my new project. Below you can find the characters I need voices for and a script. Please feel free to download the script, record your version and send the audio file in .mp3 to if selected you will receive a Blackwood studios t-shirt and our heartfelt thanks.


Good luck,

Hasan Rasheed

Hasan Rasheed

Truth da God

Son of Jan



Gary C. Scales

Storm is a 25 year old exotic dancer from the city streets. She is a stripper with an attitude. and  she is all about getting her money.


Honey walker Large

Honey Walker is an old time Pimp and the Manager of the popular nightspot "Illadel" 

Coming Soon!

Patty Cakes

20-30 year old african-American or caucasian female, Patty is Storm's best friend and coworker. She is Very loud, outgoing and sexually aggressive. 

20-30 year old african American (rapper preferred) Corleone a.k.a The Boss, He is the main connect to all things illegal from gambling , drugs and prostitution, Corleone has his hands into everything. This Character has a musical (Rap) performance lyrics and music will be provided.

Corlione "The Boss"